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China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., LTD. (CRH) the biggest manufacturer of high-end underground engineering and railway construction equipment in China awarded Spaceframe as their pre-engineered metal building supplier for their recent High-End Equipment Fabrication Factory Project -Phase Ⅱ.

The project commenced on May 12th 2017 and reached practical completion within 120 days. Spaceframe’s quality and construction management has been highly praised by the client.

The project roof area is 80,000m2, and the largest of all projects cooperated so far with CRH. The Spaceframe team at times worked under heavy rain and through periods of high temperature to meet the project goals both local government and our client recognized the hard work and commitment put in by Spaceframe to achieve success.

Project Details

Client: CRH
Project Name: CRH High-End Equipment Fabrication Factory Project Phase Ⅱ
Location: Changsha, Hunan
Project Area: 80,000m2
Duration: 120 Days
Scope: Pre-Engineered Metal Building